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Peace of Mind

Flexible Schedule

Who We Are

We created The White Dog Inn in 2000 to provide an incredible experience for animals and owners. From small beginnings, we’ve added a range of services, making us the premier Doggy Daycare in New Hampshire. While we’re proud of our fun and easygoing attitude, our commitment to the safety and security of your pet guides everything we do.

We've always loved and owned dogs of all shapes and sizes, from our Samoyed, the original White Dog, to our Pomeranian. While many daycare centers don't allow some breeds, there are no breed or age restrictions at The White Dog Inn, all are welcome. 

We think it's extremely important to make sure dogs are socialized young, and we are uniquely set up to do so. Our "Introduction Area" allows small or shy dogs to become accustomed to the yard, until they're ready to play with the big dogs. Dogs are pack animals, and our older, well trained dogs will set a good example for any newcomers. You'll see a remarkable difference in behavior between a socialized puppy and one that has not been introduced to other dogs properly. 

No more industrial Doggy Daycares, we want your dog to feel right at home with us, so we made our facility feel like a home! With plenty of space to run and play indoors and out, as well as a full kitchen, beds, lounging and napping spaces, White Dog Inn is your pup's home away from home. 

Flexible Schedule


Home Away From Home

We welcome all breeds and sizes to spend time at The White Dog Inn! Come to a meet-and-greet to decide if we're right for you, and enjoy our dedicated puppy services.

Monday - Friday 7:00 am-6:00 pm - $40 per day

There is a small fee for early arrivals or late pickups.


If your dog shows any signs or symptoms of sickness like coughing, sneezing, backwards sneezing, gunky eyes or any other symptoms please keep them home until the dog is feeling better. Please notify us of any illnesses.

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Our Space

Room to Romp

We know that a tired dog makes life so much easier for you, so we make sure that exercise and socialization is a major part of our day.

With over 1,700 sq/ft of indoor space, your furry friend has plenty of room to run and play, even when the weather outside is nasty. We have a full kitchen to make sure that every dog's dietary needs are met.

We make sure that even the most acrobatic escape artists are safe with us, with our 36" fence around our acre of outdoor space! For our water-loving pups, we have a puppy pool when it gets hot out! 

We also have a smaller outdoor area for shy dogs that need some time to acclimate to the socialization of daycare.

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